Project / ICO

Welcome! Our goal is to create tools and services that help people utilize blockchain and crypto currency in an easy, secure manner. We want our tools to put people in control as we are strong believers in the decentralization and privacy potential that blockchain offers the world. The wallet is just one piece of many pieces to what we want to achieve. I hope that you accompany us as we implement our blockchain vision.

Core Values

We believe in a world of self-ownership, voluntary transactions (no force), and privacy. We believe that decentralization is an important tool to acheiving a better world as it diffuses power among more actors, which reduces chances of abuse of power.

Upcoming ICO

We believe in ethical ICOs that have actual products by people with proven capabilities. We will conduct an ICO, but only after we developed more products, demonstrated our capability, and refined our vision. ICOs offer the world a very powerful funding and ownership representation vehicle that offers far better characteristics than centralized stock registries in the traditional financial system.

Eventually (in 1-2 years) we will offer an ICO, so people may take part in our vision more directly. However, our first task is creating part of that vision and proving that we are ethical actors in the ICO space. In our view, ICOs should offer a product first prior to the ICO. For that reason we are actively building our tools and services and eventually we will offer an ICO, so that we can continue to work towards our vision at a faster pace.

Source Code

The wallet source code can be downloaded here