Privacy Policy

Privacy is a core value of ours and a human right. For that reason we have as simple guiding principles that enable us to offer a simple privacy policy:

  1. Don't collect data if it is not essential for the service.
  2. Don't store data if it's storage is not essential for the service.
  3. Never share data under ANY circumstance. We would rather shut down than provide data even if an authority tries to compel us.

Private Keys Never Leave Your Computer

Many people think the wallet is run from our servers. The wallet is running on your computer. The private keys are stored on your computer. They never leave your computer, ever.

When might data be collected or stored?

We actively configure services to not log or we configure them to delete the logs frequently in accordance with our core values (#2). When you access our Web site your browser makes a Web request to our server. The server software we utilize will create a log of this request. This is standard for every Web site you visit anywhere on the internet (reddit, google, duckduckgo, etc) and is not unique to the server software we use. We do not retain or analyze this data and it is deleted frequently.