Frequently Asked Questions

Will the wallet be available for Mac IOS?

Yes, it will be. Give us time we are rapidly developing new features and that will take priority. Mac support should come by the end of the month.

Do the private keys stay on my local computer or a remote server?

Your own computer. At no point will private keys leave your computer. Never use a wallet that stores the keys remotely, please.

Is the wallet file encrypted with strong encryption?

Yes, it uses industry proven encryption with key stretching.

Will you support XYZXYZ (your favorite coin) coin in the future?

Yes, there is a good chance that your favorite coin will be supported in the future. We are constantly improving the user experience and the number of coins supported.

Will you continue to add new features?

Yes, we have spent over a year developing the wallet foundation. Now we will add new features and services on top of the wallet for user convenience. Stay tuned.

Will you be doing an ICO in the future? Why?

Yes, because we want to continue developing blockchain products. We only believe in ethical ICOs which is why we have created a product first. In time we will be looking to add additional services that will expand the wallet and help the blockchain ecosystem. Unfortunately, this requires some investment so that is why we will have an ICO. As a wallet user you will not be affected at all. However, if you wish to invest in our vision, then we hope you will invest in our ICO when it is announced. The ICO will probably not be announced for a year as we want to broaden our services and communicate our blockchain vision.