Multi Crypto Wallet

Multi-Currency - Secure - Standards Compliant - Cross-platform

Multi-Currency Wallet

Easily secure multiple hundreds of different crypto-currencies using one secure crypto wallet. Simple to use, secure, and open-source committed. Standardized encryption techniques are used and hundreds of coins are supported.

Wallet Features

Our philosophy is incremental, constant improvement. The list of coins, features, ease-of-use will constantly grow.


The crypto wallet supports hundreds of crypto-currencies and new crypto-currencies are added all the time. No need for a different wallet for each crypto-currency. The wallet is designed to be easy-to-use and give you full control of your funds without 3rd parties.

Secure / Encrypted

The complete wallet is always encrypted with the industry-standard AES encryption algorithm using a 256 bit key. Code has been security audited. All spending actions require re-entry of your password. This ensures that your funds are completely safe.

Stay in Control

Wallet private keys never leave your computer. Only you have access. Storing funds with 3rd parties (exchanges, coinbase, etc) puts your funds at risk because they control your keys. Don't be a victim. Use our secure wallet and be your own bank.

No Lock-In

You can export your private keys and use them in other wallets. You can continue to use your current wallet and the multi-wallet utilizing the same keys if you want. The choice is yours.

Instant On

The crypto wallet is fast to use. New transactions and balances will be recognized immediately after starting without having to wait hours for synchronization.


Mnuemonics, deterministic keys, and other standards are used, so you can recover your wallet with a simple phrase even if you lose the wallet file and all backups. This ensures safety of funds.


No need to download hundreds of gigabytes of data for each crypto-currency and wait for days while the blockchain is processed and verified. Each crypto-currency wallet is lightweight so you can get started in minutes.

Open Source

The wallet utilizes open source libraries where possible and open standards. In addition, we have committed to fully open sourcing the wallet. We believe strongly in open source values and philosophy.


The wallet works on every major desktop / laptop platform. This ensures you have access to your funds no matter what platform you choose. Soon it will work on mobile platforms for your daily needs.

About Crypto Wallet

We created the multi-currency crypto wallet because we are blockchain and crypto lovers and enthusiasts. We want to make it easier for people to hold their own private keys and be their own bank. In the future we plan to develop further projects in the crypto space that promote decentralization and self-governance.

Recent Blog Posts

Grin support has been released

We are proud to announce the support of Grin. Grin is based on mimblewimble and is a project we are very excited about. Initial Grin wallet support will support most features of Grin. Other features and usability will be increased in time. We welcome any feedback and suggestions on this initial release!

Upcoming new wallet features and plans

We have been briskly developing the wallet based on user feedback. In the next release we are concentrating on user-convenience features such as easily adding arbitrary ethereum tokens. In addition, we are working on adding even more coins to the wallet. It has taken a lot of work, but we think everyone will consider the upcoming version a winner.

Multi-currency wallet released!

The multi-currency wallet is now available to the public. We have gone through many iterations in alpha and beta and it is now usable and stable enough for general use. This does not mean we are done developing. We have a LOT more planned for the wallet over the coming months. Stay tuned and enjoy the new features as they become released!

Beta of multi-currency crypto wallet released

Thanks to all the feedback from the tech preview we have integrated several new ease-of-use functions and completed further polishing. No major bugs were found during the tech preview. We are releasing the next version which we consider stable as far coin handling is concerned. It is still beta in terms of polish and convenience features for the user. Please download and send us your feedback.

Tech preview of multi cryptocurrency wallet released

Work on the multi-crytpo currency wallet continues. A tech preview has been released to select individuals for testing and feedback. This version should be treated as an alpha, so only use it with pocket change. Any feedback is very welcome.